Work in the Metaverse: What are the Benefits of Working in Virtual Offices?


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On January 14, 2022, Li Shiyan, head of Baidu Intelligent Cloud AI Human-Computer Interaction Lab, said that through the opening of Baidu Intelligent Cloud Xi Ling platform, within two years, it is expected that everyone will gain access to digital humans. On January 16, 2022, Walmart is quietly preparing to enter the metaverse.

These days have witnessed the trending word—metaverse being discussed constantly. Since Facebook CEO changed its firm name into Meta, the word metaverse has become a buzzword, which stands for a cloud-based, immersive social stage where avatars could help the users fully experience the interactions with other workmates. 

As the metaverse is coming, many are wondering what changes will be caused by the new technology? Are these changes good or bad for the employees? In my opinion, there are many benefits the metaverse has to offer, so let’s go ahead and have a check.

Work in the metaverse

1. Fewer running costs and less commuting

The traditional working environment always requires a real office, equipment, and office supplies, such as tables, chairs, drawers, computers, servers. What’s more, it also demands the employee clock in and out every working day. Therefore, you will end up paying a high cost of renting and your employees will have to deal with the stress of commuting time.

Nonetheless, the metaverse enables the staff to work remotely. It helps the companies to save plenty of costs, like the rent, utility bills and the fees of office supplies. Meanwhile, telecommuting also means less time stuck in traffic and more time spent on things that really matter. Thus, the metaverse will promote a new kind of working mode that requires fewer running costs and less commuting.

2. Higher working efficiency by increasing interactions

Though employees in the same office can interact with each other, they can’t share the real-time changes in their mind and their thoughts on a particular project. The traditional working environment just enables the staff to share their ideas at a particular time around the table, while the metaverse makes it possible for the employees to share their views and hear others anytime, anywhere there is an internet connection. 

3. Infinite workspace in offer

The traditional working office is always limited to a small area in a building.  The workspace rented by the company is usually confined to several cubicles. However, the virtual office in the metaverse has a limitless space which costs less money and permits to solve problems simultaneously. That is to say, the metaverse promises access to space extension whenever it is necessary.

4. Less dependence on office supplies

When employees conduct their business at a physical office, they need tables, chairs, whiteboards and other conference equipment, which costs a lot and occupies much space. While in metaverse, the devices mentioned above could be accessible at a fraction of the cost and space.

5. Three-dimensional world for handling the business

It is often more effective when business is addressed through visual representation since the visual demonstration makes it more vivid and graphic. But this has not been realized due to technological limitations. But now the development of digital technology such as VR and AR has made the three-dimensional world available to us. A new 3D world will permit nearly everything to be modeled, examined and accessed.

6. Easier to do team building

When members of a group engage in their daily tasks, they only have a few interactions with colleagues. How to strengthen the bonds between colleagues in a company? Or if there are some employees working at an office and others working remotely, how to do team building at minimum cost and achieve maximum gain? Now the metaverse gives the best answer: it enables the companies to do team building in the virtual office, offering the most immersive experience at a small portion of the costs. Furthermore, it frees the company from complex activity arrangements.


Nowadays, metaverse is not just a buzzword on the internet, it is now becoming a reality. Microsoft has already merged the mixed reality coupled with holograms and avatars into Microsoft Mesh Platform. Facebook CEO Zuckerberg has introduced the Presence Platform, where users could get in-person experiences through their avatars, in his announcement of new branding on Oct. 28th. A new world is approaching, are you ready for it?

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