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Global Minded Local Experts

HROne is a private & fully licensed Foreign Enterprises Service Company (FESCo) in China.

Global Minded. Local Experts.

Founded in 2005, HROne is one of the few fully licensed, non-state-owned Foreign Enterprises Service Companies (FESCo) in China. Our global presence is marked by offices in key international locations, including Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the USA. 

Our expertise lies in providing comprehensive services such as employment outsourcing, payroll processing, headhunting, and HR legal advisory, specifically tailored for international businesses operating in China. With an extensive track record, we are adept at supporting the unique needs of non-Chinese businesses. 

We uphold compliance, professionalism, and a client-oriented approach as our fundamental values, firmly believing that these principles are essential to effectively serve our clients.

ISO 9001

The world's best known standard for quality management systems (QMS)

"Top Shelf Certified " HR Provider

HROne distinguishes itself from other market players through a commitment to the following core tenets: 

Non-State Owned & Fully Licensed Company

HROne is the one of the only private companies in China to be fully licensed for EOR and HR outsourcing services by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People’s Republic of China (MOHRSS)

Compliance & Security

HROne has in-house HR lawyers, payroll staff, data security staff and other essential professionals for staffed business operations in China.

ISO 27001

The world's best-known standard for information security management systems (ISMS)

Data Security You Can Trust

Microsoft Azure Cloud

Client data securely stored on Microsoft Azure cloud.

Cold Storage

Client data securely backed up regularly on in-house offline server.

Client Data NDAs

All data managing employees bound by non-disclosure agreements.

In-House Systems Expertise

Ownership of 6 HR-related software copyrights, including: 

  • Online payroll PAAS. 
  • Employee/employer portal
  • Accounting system
  • CRM system
  • Task management system

Where are our clients?

HROne clients are based in countries all over the world!


No Clients

Our Mission

To Connect & Empower.

Because when people work together, they win together!

HROne’s mission for the past 18 years has always been to bridge the gap between China & the world and drive prosperity.

To achieve this mission to the best of our ability, we capitalize on top-notch customer service and compliant business solutions for long-term stability.

Hire a sales representative in China employer of record
May 8, 2005
HROne Founded

HROne is founded is Shanghai, China as a recruitment and payroll firm.

May 13, 2014
HROne Hong Kong

HROne opens an office in Hong Kong.

February 10, 2017
HROne Beijing

HROne opens an office in Beijing.

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