2023 personal tax deduction begins!


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Taxpayers can use the “One Click Bring In” button under “Confirm Next Year Deduction” in the IIT App to bring in your eligible deduction information for 2022 for use in 2023, so that you can quickly fill in your 2023 deduction.


1、After logging into the “Personal Income Tax App”, click on [Home] – [Special Additional Deduction Filling] – [Confirm next year’s special additional deduction “one click to bring in”], click on [one click to bring in], the system will pop up “Please confirm whether to continue or not” pop-up box, click [OK] to enter the “To be confirmed deduction information” page.

2. If there are any special additional deductions that need to be modified or deleted, click [Confirmable] and then enter the modification. (Modification or deletion here will only confirm the special additional deduction information until 2023, and will not affect the information already enjoyed in 2022.)

3、After confirming the information is correct, click on [One Key to bring in], the system pops up “If you have collected information in 2023, it will be completely covered by this operation, please confirm whether to continue”, click on [Confirm] to complete the confirmation of the special additional deduction information in 2023.


1. Special additional deductions need to be confirmed-

Individuals have until December 2022 to confirm their special additional deductions for 2023, such as child education and elderly support.

If not confirmed in time, valid deductions will be automatically extended to 2023 based on previous years’ operations.

2. Special additional deductions can be changed

The year 2023 is a new tax year and the percentage of deduction for children/education/parents, deduction for home loan interest, and the percentage of support for the elderly can be changed and need to be confirmed at the beginning of the year, otherwise it cannot be changed for one tax year in 2023.

3. These are the situations where the deduction information needs to be amended-

(1) In 2022, one spouse fills in the information on children, and in 2023, the information is changed to the other spouse. In 2023, one spouse needs to delete the information on children’s education before confirming it, and the other spouse can fill in the information.

(2) The lease contract filled in 2022 shows “no longer valid”, you need to amend the lease information again and then confirm.

(3) Amend the percentage of deduction for elderly support, children’s education and home loan interest in 2022.

(4) Instead of declaring housing rent in 2023, declare housing loan interest, or instead of declaring housing loan interest in 2023, declare housing rent.

(5) A change in information for the elderly is required in 2023.

(6) A change in continuing education information.

(7) If you have a newborn child or a child under the age of 3, you will need to add a new deduction for infant and child care under the age of 3 for the first time.

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