New Policies Updates in Shanghai in 2021


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Updates of social security contribution base, minimum wage, and notice on the average salary of urban employees

In July 2021, and for the first time after the outbreak of COVID-19, the Shanghai government announced new policies to adjust the minimum wage and the contributions for social security.

Below, you can find a summary of the measures in Shanghai.

Minimum wage in Shanghai in 2021

2021 年上海市最低工资标准的通告

The minimum wage standard of Shanghai in 2021 will be adjusted as follows:

  • The monthly minimum wage applicable to full-time employees will be 2,590 yuan
  • The minimum hourly wage applicable to part-time employees will be 23 yuan.


  • 适用于全日制就业劳动者的月最低工资标准为 2590 元
  • 适用于非全日制就业劳动者的小时最低工资标准为 23 元

Adjustment of the monthly deposit of Housing Fund in 2021

2021 年度住房公积金月缴存额调整的通知

According to the notice of the Shanghai Housing Fund Management Center, the contribution base of the 2021 housing fund and the upper and lower limits of monthly contributions shall be adjusted starting from July 1, 2021.

The maximum contribution base of the housing fund and the supplementary housing fund shall not exceed RMB 31,014 and the minimum shall not be less than RMB 2,480.

接上海市公积金管理中心通知,2021 年度住房公积金缴存基数及月缴存上下限自 2021 年7 月 1 日起开始调整,住房公积金和补充住房公积金缴存基数最高不超过 31014 元,最低不低于 2480 元。

Proportion by units
and individuals
The upper limit of
monthly deposit
The upper limit of
monthly deposit
Housing Fund
各 7%4342 RMB348 RMB
Supplementary Housing Fund
各 5%3102 RMB248 RMB

Average salary of urban employees in 2020 and new limits for social security contribution base

2020 年度上海城镇单位就业人员平均工资

According to the Shanghai statistics department, the average salary for urban employees in Shanghai was RMB 124,056 (RMB 10,338 per month) per year in 2020.

目前,上海统计部门已经公布 2020 年本市城镇单位就业人员平均工资为 124056 元/年(10338 元/月)。

From July 1, 2021, the upper limit of the social security contribution base will be adjusted to RMB 31,014 per month. The lower limit of the social security contribution base will be adjusted to RMB 5,975 per month.

2021 年 7 月 1 日起,将上限调整为 31014 元/月;社保缴费基数下限调整为 5975 元/月。

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