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Penny Pan – Operations Manager

According to Chinese regulations, employers must pay social insurance for their employees.

Today, most enterprises apply for social insurance for their employees, which brings more protection to them.

However, not everything in a company needs to be done by own self. These companies can hand over to HR Agency to complete some of the tedious work.

An HR agency in China not only has a professional team but also can satisfy the handling of personnel affairs of different enterprises and enhance the core competitiveness of the company.

Let’s take a look at the main services and advantages of an HR Agency in China!

The Main Services of an HR Agency in China

When you think about an HR agency, the main service that comes to your mind is probably the recruitment service.

This is usually the most advertised service, but it is not the only one. There are actually other very important services that an agency can offer to help companies becoming compliant in China.

Below you can find a list of the HR services in China:

  • Social insurance – All the services related to the Chinese social insurance, like base audit, calculation, declaration, payment, account consolidation, and transfer, and insurance claims. An agency can also help to handle personnel relations transfer procedures for floating employees or it can handle unemployment, pension insurance, and maternity work injury declarations.
  • Housing fund – An HR agency can help with housing fund base audit, calculation, declaration, payment, account transfer, provident fund loan, withdrawal guidance, and assistance.
  • Payroll – Manage payroll, salary distribution, and individual tax declaration.
  • Recruitment
  • Policy consultation – Provide information on employee management and the latest local government policies and regulations.

The Advantages of Using an HR Agency in China

Simplify the operation process and reduce the pressure on the HR department

In the stage of company development, companies need to focus their attention on future growth, so the more cumbersome personnel issues related to social insurance can be outsourced to the HR Agency in China.

The company only needs to provide personnel change information to the HR Agency on time every month, and there is no need to go to various social insurance government at different times

This can greatly reduce the work pressure of the human resources department.

For companies dealing with a newcomer operating employee’s social insurance, a problem may arise, the employee’s social insurance can be missed or withdrawn.

This affects employees’ enjoyment of social insurance benefits, and may also bring certain labor dispute risks to the company.

An HR agency can help the company to deal with situations on time and it can also reduce the labor dispute risks.

Professional HR service team

HR Agency has a professional team, and all team members have excellent policy analysis capabilities and professional knowledge in handling various affairs.

These advantages can ensure that HR Agencies can conduct various professional business processing for various companies, standardize operations, effectively curb arbitrary salary and employee management, and promote the standardization and fairness of management.

Improve work efficiency while reducing labor and management costs

Through the professional operation of an HR Agency in China, the company’s HR expenses can be reduced to a certain extent.

Although a part of the fee needs to be paid to the agency, the company does not need to ask a commissioner to deal with social security issues.

Provident fund operation for example is very troublesome, and using the services of an HR agency, allows the company to focus more on core tasks such as human resource planning, performance management, compensation, and benefits that affect strategic development, thereby greatly improving work efficiency.

A wide range of HR services

Through the rich practical experience of HR Agency, a professional communication platform, and extensive social resources, HR Agencies can efficiently resolve disputes and contradictions in daily management and improve the level of human resource management.

At the moment, many companies are divided into many subsidiaries, or, due to the needs of the company’s business, many employees work in other places for a long time.

Choosing an HR Agency can make it easier for these employees to enjoy corporate social security and provident fund treatment.

For employees employed by foreign institutions in other places, if social insurance and housing funds are paid at the company’s headquarter, it will not be easy for employees to enjoy medical insurance benefits and housing fund loans.

In this case, choosing an HR Agency is the best choice.

Your HR Agency in China

Founded in 2005, HROne is a fully licensed Foreign Enterprises Service Companies (FESCO) in China. We help foreign SMEs operating in China navigating through local employment, HR, and payroll requirements by offering fully outsourced solutions.

Our HR agency services can help your company not only to recruit talents in China but also to deal with all the complicated aspects of social insurance, housing fund, payroll.

Contact us if you want to learn more about our services!

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