Electronic Signing & Stamping in China


Table of Contents

Instructions for using the e-signing and e-stamping service

If you are a client of HROne, HROne can provide you with electronic contract signing service for free, and the electronic contract platform is recognized in judicial practice. Specific instructions for using the service are as follows.

1. The client must have an entity in China.

2. The service is only used for the signing of agreements or documents between the client and the employees using HROne’s services.

3. The documents to be signed will be provided by the client, but the signing process will be initiated by HROne due to the use of HROne’s e-signing platform account.

4. The client and the employee are required to verify their identity when signing to ensure that the signed agreement or document has legal effect.



1. 客户需在国内有实体。

2. 该服务仅用于客户和使用HROne服务的员工之间的协议或文件的签订。

3. 需要签署的文件由客户提供,但由于使用HROne的电子合同平台账号,签署流程将由HROne发起。

4. 客户及员工在签署需要进行身份验证,确保签署的协议或文件具有法律效应。

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