What are the conditions and duration of annual leave for employees in China?


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Employees who have worked continuously for more than 12 months shall enjoy paid annual leave.

The days of annual leave shall be determined according to the accumulated working hours of employees. The period during which an employee works in the same or different employing units, as well as the period deemed to be working in accordance with laws, administrative regulations, or the provisions of the State Council, shall be counted as cumulative working hours.

If an employee has worked for more than 1 year but less than 10 years, he/she shall have an annual leave of 5 days; 10 days of annual leave for those who have completed 10 years but less than 20 years; For those who have completed 20 years, the annual leave is 15 days.

National statutory holidays and rest days are not included in the annual leave.

The holidays provided by the state such as family visit leave, marriage and funeral leave, and maternity leave enjoyed by employees according to law and the period of salary retention due to work-related injury are not included in the annual leave.

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