Individual Income Tax Returns

Filing of the individual income tax return for Chinese and foreign individuals.

Need to do your China Income Tax Return?

The annual tax return is calculated every year between April 1st and June 30th, and it involves both Chinese employees and foreigners.

HROne can help you with the processes filing for tax return online, collecting documents requested by the tax bureau, translating documents collected from outside China and visiting the tax bureau with the individual if the offline claim is required.

Normally, for employees that obtain the domestic comprehensive income, we will declare through the government’s website. But there are other cases where we need to collect more information (for example, when the employee has an income overseas).

Tax Return Filing

Foreigners & Locals
$ 299
  • Save on taxes
  • Get good standing

Frequently Asked Questions

Individual income taxes In China are based on a progressive tax brackets rate:

BracketAnnual Taxable Income (RMB)Tax Rate (%)Quick Deduction
1No more than 36,00030
2Between 36,000 and 144,000102,520
3Between 144,000 and 300,0002016,920
4Between 300,000 and 420,0002531,920
5Between 420,000 and 660,0003052,920
6Between 660,000 and 960,0003585,920
7More than 960,00045181,920

Social benefits in China are divided into two categories:

  • Five mandatory social insurances – These include pension insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, work-related injury insurance, and maternity insurance.
  • Housing fund – The purpose of this is to allow employees to save money to buy a house in China.
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