Refer a client to HROne and get up to $300 in cash rewards

Contact your account manager to refer a client & for more details 🙂

1. This program is applicable to the employees of existing clients of HROne Co., Ltd. and its sister companies (collectively referred to as “Our Company”) during the validity period of this program.
2. This plan will take effect from the date of release, effective deadline is on June 30, 2023.If a new client is recommended by the referrer and successfully signs a service contract with us for our main services before the deadline, the corresponding referrer of the new client (who must be an employee of our existing client and confirmed by our company in the form of a letter of appreciation, hereinafter referred to as “the referrer”) will be rewarded. (hereinafter referred to as “referrer”) will be rewarded.
3. “Referral” means: 1) understanding the service needs of potential customers and introducing them to us clearly; 2) clearly informing the potential customers that we are the supplier of the above service needs; 3) establishing direct contact between our contact person and the contact person of potential customers.
4. The main services of our company to which this plan applies are: Payroll (China and abroad), Labor Dispatch (China and abroad), HRBP (Shanghai and Beijing), company registration and company deregistration (China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, UK, USA), agency bookkeeping (Mainland China).
5. For each successful referral of new customers, our company only rewards one referrer, and only once. Our company reserves the right to confirm the referrer.
6. The referrer must provide his or her bank account for receiving the reward money.
7. We will reward the referrer with US$300 (if the referrer provides his bank account outside of China) or RMB2,000 (if the referrer provides his bank account inside of China) in the following month after we receive the first month’s fees from the new client, and we will withhold and pay the personal income tax on behalf of the referrer.
8. We reserve the right to interpret this program.

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