Icona Case Study

We provided employer of record service to our client so that they could enter the Chinese market and then supported them in payroll since their incorporation.

About Icona

Icona: Crafting Elegance in Design

Icona embodies the spirit of Italian creativity and precision in design. Founded in 2012 in Turin, Italy, Icona has been a beacon of innovative design solutions for over a decade. With a blend of experienced designers and fresh talent, they work harmoniously to push the boundaries of what’s possible in design.

Employer of Record Service for Icona

Icona came to HROne with a demand for employer of record services so that they could hire a small team in Shanghai, China in 2015. 

HROne hired the Icona team in Shanghai where they began operations and spreading their design brand’s awareness in the Chinese market.

2 Years later, Icona decided that there was enough momentum to set up a legal entity in Shanghai.

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