What is a Representative Office (RO) in China?

A Representative Office (RO) is basically the China representative of a foreign parent company. Representative offices (RO) is probably the most common form of foreign business in China as it allows foreign companies to test the Chinese market’s openness to its products with minimal investment and difficulties.

If you have a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE) in China, please click here to check more solutions.

Solutions for a Representative Office (RO) / No Legal Entity in China

If you only has a representative office or have no any legal entity in China, below solutions can enable you legally hire the employees and working for you in China.

1) Employee Leasing/Employment services

As per the China laws, hiring an employee in China with Representative office or without legal entity is not possible. These companies need employment solutions services which can allow the Representative Office (Rep Office) or foreign companies who has no legal entity in China safely and legally hire employees in China, or for other specific circumstances where a direct employment contract is not desired or feasible.

2) Individual Expenses Reimbursement Service

Help to handle your employees’ travelling expenses.

3) Invoicing 

Help to provide the invoice to the companies with no legal entity in China who wants to invoice their clients based in China.

4) Legal Documentation

– Employment Contract (written employment contract is a mandatory requirement in China)

– Employee Handbook Compiling

– Other Documents

5)  Individual Reference Check

– Domestic citizenship, education information

– Foreign identity, education information

– Work experience

6) Immigration/Visa

– Initial Application

– Renewal

– Transfers

– Cancellation

– Others

7) Commercial Insurance 

Supplementary health insurance provided for both Chinese or expats employee.

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