Step 1: Employment license (Normally 15 working days)

Required documents:
1. Employment Application Form of Foreign Employee in China with business chop.
2. One copy of business license (duplicate)
3. One copy of the Enterprise code certificate
4. One copy of the Certificate of Approval
5. Employee’s Resume in Chinese (please make sure the years in the resume are continuous and 2-year relevant working experience is necessary)
6. If a qualification certificate is required for the position, please forward one copy, otherwise work reference letter (seal or signed off by the previous company’s supervisor) is sufficient.
7. The contents of the previous working experience should be relevant to the current job. If a qualification certificate is required and in English, it will need to be translated and affixed with the company seal.

8. Copy of the academic qualification relevant to the current work and its Chinese translation with Company seal

9. Copy of valid passport with six months validity

Step2: Invitation letter for work visa (3 working days)

Required documents for a company in Puxi:
1. Application form with Company seal
2. Business license with Company seal
3. Original of employment license and 1 copy of front and back
4. Copy of valid passport with six months validity

Required documents for a company in Pudong:
1. Application form downloaded online with Company seal
2. Original of employment license
3. Copy of valid passport with six months validity

Step 3: Z Visa Application in Home Country

The new employee should apply for a Z Visa at the Chinese Consulate in their home country.

Step 4: Health Check (4 Working Days)

If the employee is living in China prior to his or her application to the Z Visa, the health check should be completed before leaving to the home country (the health report is valid for 6 months). To get the health check, please make an appointment at following clinic: No.15 Jinbang Rd. Changning District, Shanghai.

Required documents:
1. Original and a copy of passport with six months validity
2. One copy of business license
3. 4 passport-sized photos
4. RMB 700 in cash for medical check (If you have the medical report issued by your own country, please bring it with you. There may be a reduction in cost).

Step 5: Work Permit (3 working days)

Required documents:
1. 2 Original Employment Registration Forms of Foreign Employees in China with company seal
2. 1 copy of Employment License front and back

3. 1 copy of employment contract

4. Original passport
5. One copy of health certificate
6. 3 passport-sized photos
7. Power of attorney with Company seal
8. Original Temporary Residence Form issued by the local PSB (Foreigners are recommended to get the paper with 48 hours after arriving China)

Step 6: Residence Permit (5 working days)

For first time applications, the employee is required to apply personally at the Entry/Exit Bureau: No 1500 Minsheng Rd,Pudong District, Shanghai
1. Original Work Permit
2. Original Passport with at least six months validity
3. Original Original Temporary Residence Form
4. 2 Passport-sized photos
5. Residence permit application form with company seal
6. Original Health Report
7. 1 copy of updated duplicate Business License
8. 1 copy of Enterprise Code Certificate

9. 1 copy of Certificate of Approval

1. Newly established enterprises require a capital verification report to be submitted.
2. All the informaiton mentioned above might be updated by the local government.

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