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Established in 2005, HROne is one of the few non-state owned foreign enterprises service companies in China. Through our headquarters in Shanghai, China and branches in Hong Kong, Jiangsu, Beijing and USA we are able to provide our clients with the most professional and efficient service both at an international and local level.

With the economic growth and success of the Chinese economy in recent years, China is no longer restricted to encompassing the big-players in business, but an opportunity and necessity for SME’s and start-ups too. Unfortunately, while entering China can reap enormous profits for firms, doing business in China is very opaque. We at HROne offer a One-Stop Human Resource Solution to SME’s and start-ups looking to operate in China with the provision of our core services.

China Opportunities 

China’s market is a prosperous one, but for foreign companies their legislation can appear complex. HROne ensures that these aspects are dealt with in a compliant manner, and ensures these services are carried out to the highest standards, whilst working closely alongside our clients. With our bilingual team of experts we are able to provide an efficient, accurate and reliable service to our client’s seeking advice on practices in China in a cost-effective manner.

HROne Services

Foreign Enterprises Solutions in China

Since our establishment we have worked with our clients to ensure their needs and requirements are addressed, resulting in their great success in the competitive Chinese market. Whether you have a registered entity in China or not, HROne can provide the most appropriate human resource solution to support your talent management and growth in China.

This has been made possible through our core-service offerings:

Through these key services we seek to assist companies with cross-border market entry in a simple manner. HROne’s one-stop HR solution package can facilitate this establishment in the global market by offering assistance and expertise of the required services needed to operate in the foreign market. These services can also be adapted and delivered individually to clients based on their personal requirements. We at HROne understand the uniqueness of SME’s and as a result offer this customized service. Whether adopting our complete One-Stop Human Resource Solution offering, or opting for our individual services we will remain alongside our clients from their first-step towards their global venture up until their market entry. HROne adheres to provide compliant, professional, and value-added service, and aims to become a part of our clients’ human resources team. We serve our clients with safe, accurate, efficient transnational services.

HROne team has strong knowledge of China labor law, and provides bilingual services in order to allow suitable communication with foreign headquarters or our clients’ foreign employees.

Global Coverage 

We at HROne are establishing our One-Stop Human Resource Solution globally with our global partnerships. Through our Global Solution we can provide Chinese companies with the opportunity to easily handle their human resource issues worldwide. Whether you are looking to enter a new market, or expand your existing operations outside of China, HROne’s One-Stop Human Resource Solution services are here to aid this transition.

Mission and Vision

At HROne our mission is to provide our clients with a professional service to facilitate their business needs, and allow them to flourish overseas. HROne upholds the highest ethical and compliance standards resulting in a superior customer experience without an abundance fees. We aim to provide a value-added service to small business in an efficient, timely and professional manner, and over and above we believe small businesses deserve the expert services needed to compete in the modern economy.

Our vision seeks to integrate our core values into a simple human resource solution for our clients:

Customer Orientation – HROne is committed to providing the best customer experience for our clients and adding value in everything we do for them.

Cost-effectiveness – HROne is committed to providing the most cost-effective solutions to our clients, while maintaining the highest quality of services.

Reliability & Professionalism – HROne is committed to providing the most reliable and professional services to our clients, through our highly experienced team, proprietary systems, and efficient processes.

Integrity & Compliance – HROne is committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards in all our business activities and ensure the highest compliance standards for our clients.

Guaranteed accuracy – HROne is committed to processing accuracy.


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