All about a Chinese Hukou and How it is Influential for Your Business

May 25
Being an employer in China, you must know all about a Chinese Hukou and how it is influential for your business. The System of Hukou China’s Hukou system is a

Successful business in China using PEO services

Apr 20
In 2015 People’s Republic of China became the world’s largest economy and it is one of the top attractive countries for business. Every year more foreign companies attempt to enter

The Housing Provident Fund in China

Apr 15
Explanation In China, different cities have different laws and regulations regarding the social securities and housing fund. All Chinese employees and employers are required to contribute the mandatory social insurance

Employee Probation Periods in China

Mar 17
If you have your own business in China, at some point in time, you may feel the need to hire local Chinese personnel. Being an employer in China, certain obligations

Planning to Hire Employees in China

Mar 09
Planning to Hire Employees in China? Know the rules and policies Before You Do The Employment Contract Law is the most important law in China relating to an employer and

China Employee Leasing and PEO

Jan 24
Definitions Employee leasing refers to an arrangement in which a company’s staffs are employees of another company (such as HROne) who pays the employees and manages issues such as social insurance,

China Employment Contract Tips

Jan 18
This article offers an insight of Employment Contract Law in China which is the most significant law in the country pertaining to the employer and employee association. This law is

2016 China Calendar and Public Holidays

Dec 30
China Public Holidays  New Year’s Day, 1 day off (January 1st) Spring Festival, 3 days off (the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd day of the first month of the lunar calendar) Tomb

Improved Immigration and Visa policies for Expatriates

Dec 11
In 2015, New visa policies which are job-seeker friendly have been implemented by the Ministry of Public Security in Shanghai, which will make the working visa process expedient and much

China Interim Provisions on Labor Dispatch

Oct 13
Chapter 1 General Provisions Article 1 The Interim Provisions on Labor Dispatch (hereinafter referred to as the Provisions) are hereby developed in accordance with the Labor Contract Law of the

China Work Visa Application Steps

Sep 21
Step 1: Employment license (Normally 15 working days) Required documents: 1. Employment Application Form of Foreign Employee in China with business chop. 2. One copy of business license (duplicate) 3.