Office Space Leasing

Jul 07
HROne is going to create a comfortable, agile-friendly working space and environment for foreign SMEs, start-ups in China. We offer co-working space that promotes camaraderie, knowledge sharing, high energy, culture, and cost savings. Why HROne

What Employers in China Need to Know about Hiring a Part Time Employee

Jun 30
Being an employer in China, you must know all about the rules relating to the employment of a part-time employee in China. Read further to know more: China’s Labor Contract

Tax and Social Security Contributions for Your Employees in China

Jun 30
Tax and Social security contributions for your employees in China Being an employer in China, certain obligations have to be followed relating to tax and welfare contributions for your employees Read

Incentives in China for Foreign Investors

Jun 29
With the intention of increasing foreign direct investment (FDI) in China, the government has taken numerous measures to facilitate the same. This has led to an introduction of many welfare

China Rep Office Employment Rules

Jun 28
How many foreigners can work for the Representative Office? A rep Office under Chinese laws may have one chief representative and no more than three general representatives. The representatives, chief

Employing Local Personnel in China

Jun 23
Hiring Local Employees in China The employment of staff is a fundamental issue that all foreign companies or Representative Office entering China need to be familiar with. What rules and

Overtime Payments and Regulations in China

Jun 23
Having your own business in China does not automatically entitle you to hiring employees in China. There are a set of rules and laws that every employer in China has to

How to Hire Contract Employees in China

Jun 22
There are various questions arises in our mind before Hiring employee in China.This article states how conveniently and legally a Local or Foreign Company can hire employees in China. What

How expats can get their earned money out of China legally

Jun 22
According to the law in China, Individuals taking cash money out of the country are required to declare an amount equal to or exceeding RMB 20,000 to customs. This is

Register your Chinese Staff for Social Welfare

Jun 07
What is payment of Social Security and Housing Fund and how important is it? For improvement of the overall Social Security safety net for Chinese residents. The Company has to

All about a Chinese Hukou and How it is Influential for Your Business

May 25
Being an employer in China, you must know all about a Chinese Hukou and how it is influential for your business. The System of Hukou China’s Hukou system is a

Successful business in China using PEO services

Apr 20
In 2015 People’s Republic of China became the world’s largest economy and it is one of the top attractive countries for business. Every year more foreign companies attempt to enter

The Housing Provident Fund in China

Apr 15
Explanation In China, different cities have different laws and regulations regarding the social securities and housing fund. All Chinese employees and employers are required to contribute the mandatory social insurance

Employee Probation Periods in China

Mar 17
If you have your own business in China, at some point in time, you may feel the need to hire local Chinese personnel. Being an employer in China, certain obligations

Planning to Hire Employees in China

Mar 09
Planning to Hire Employees in China? Know the rules and policies Before You Do The Employment Contract Law is the most important law in China relating to an employer and