Hiring a Chinese Employee without a China Company

Jul 13
Hiring a Chinese Employee without a China Company Outsourcing services from employees around the globe has its ups and downs. For certain companies, there are some tasks that can be


Jun 26
MANAGING YOUR PAYROLL IN CHINA                   Payroll process is the procedure that organizations or companies do to pay its employees. It is

Employee Management Solution for new companies in China

Apr 20
Over the past years, China’s economy and environment have experienced some drastic changes. More and more companies wish to enter China to participate in its booming economy. While Western companies

The Advantages of Employee Outsourcing in China

Apr 05
  What is Employee Outsourcing? Many enterprises need or prefer to do business by focusing on their revenue-generating core activities and prefer not to dedicate the time and efforts of

Hiring a local employee in Greater China

Mar 07
Hiring a local employee through a PEO company in Greater China (Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong) Hiring a Local Employee Without a Legal Entity in Greater China Companies not

Doing business in China Cultural Know How

Feb 24
Doing business in China: Cultural Know-how   Cross-country business involves dealing with men and women from varied cultures. It is good to be informed about your business partner’s cultural norms

Establish a WFOE or Outsource employee in China

Jan 18
WHICH IS BETTER? WHAT IS A WHOLLY FOREIGN OWNED ENTERPRISE (WFOE)? A Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE), as the name suggests, is any enterprise in China which is 100% owned by

China Mandatory Benefits & Social Security Policies

Jan 13
Hiring an employee in China may generally increase 35-40 percent more than employee’s gross salary because of the mandatory benefits. Mandatory benefits shall be contributed by both employer and employees

China New Work Permit Policy Updates

Jan 04
CHINA’S NEW WORK PERMIT POLICY UPDATES Work Visa/Work permit refers to a person’s visa status: It signifies the duration for which the person is legally allowed to work within a

Mainland China 2017 Annual Calendar

Dec 29
HROne provides annual calendars every year with public holiday dates and holiday information for Mainland China region. This calendar is an important resource for the valuable clients of HROne as

China Year End Bonus Things Employers Should Know

Nov 23
If you have your own business in China, at some point in time, you may feel the need to hire local Chinese personnel. One-time annual bonus is the bonus that

Hiring Chinese employee without a legal entity in China

Nov 09
Hiring Chinese employee without a legal entity in China It is not easy for a foreign entity to set up their WFOE (Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise) in China. The entire

New rules to ease company registration in China

Oct 25
NEW RULES TO EASE COMPANY REGISTRATION IN CHINA Company registration for a new business in China has become an easier process as China has reduced the company registration capital requirements

The new business license in China

Oct 25
The new five-in-one business license in China With an intent to expedite improvements in the business registration process, The State Council issued a circular in July 2016 announcing their decision

Doing business without registration in China

Aug 29
Doing business without registration in China Business registration in China is complex if you are unfamiliar with Chinese regulations and the requirements of different authorities. This generally results in many